martedì, luglio 15

UNICEF - Making the invisible visible

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Children who are victims of domestic violence wait with a sinking heart their parents to come home in the evening.
This UNICEF billboard literally throws light (and shadow) on this problem. As the evening comes and the street lights go on, a small silhouette casts on the billboard the shadow of the oppressor.

venerdì, giugno 20

Volkswagen - Awareness campaign

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"Don't text and drive."

Advertising Agency:DDB Tribal, Berlin, Germany
Chief Creative Officer:Eric Schoeffler
Executive Creative Director:Matthias Schmidt
Creative Directors:Tomas Tulinius, Stephan Schäfer
Account managers:Susanne Plümecke, Tim Jüngling, Jan Golchert
Post Production:Zerone Düsseldorf

martedì, giugno 17

Amnesty International - Iggy Pop, Dalai Lama.

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“Torture a man and he’ll tell you anything. Torture isn’t just inhumane, it’s ineffective. Stop it.”

“Justin Bieber is the future of rock ‘n’ roll”

“A man who doesn’t have a Rolex at fifty is a failure.”

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