giovedì, febbraio 16

Amnesty International Portugal - Freedom Dictionary

"To mark a Global Day of Action on Revolutions in Middle East and North Africa, Amnesty International Portugal is giving these protesters a voice, setting their words free and amplifying their message through social media networks. We're launching the Freedom Dictionary project, a collective dictionary that holds 155 thousand words. These words will be set free by people, through the internet. To take part in this project, just go to, choose a word and share using social media networks. The chosen word will bear the name of the person who released it, crediting those who choose to participate.
On World Press Freedom Day, 11 copies of the dictionary will be printed and mailed to eleven countries where revolutions are taking place. 
The names of the people who released the words will also be featured on the printed version. Words that are not released will not be printed in the dictionary, being replaced by a blank space."

Fonte: Torke

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