mercoledì, febbraio 29

Banksy vs. Robbo

This is what happens when two epic street artists start to duelling.

(1985) Robbo paints one of London's earliest pieces.
(2006) The piece gets dogged.
(December 2009) Banksy paints a bloke 'wallpapering' up the graffiti.
2 weeks later Robbo takes it as a diss, comes out of retirement and puts his name back. 
After months of deliberation Banksy comes up with an ingenious response. 
Robbo is having none of it.
The wall is painted black, presumably by the Council. 
(July 2010)  King Robbo strikes again.
Again the wall is painted black by persons unknown, this time very neatly. 
(January 2011) Banksy returns to paint a bizarre concept piece about goldfish. 
Robbo is about to paint a rebuttal when he has an accident and falls into a coma.
(November 2011) Banksy paint poor replica of original Robbo outline.

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