giovedì, aprile 12

Tippexperience 2 - The Hunter and The Bear are back to celebrate their birthday !

The hunter and the Bear are back! After the worldwide success of the first season, which has generated more than 50 million views on Youtube, Buzzman agency and Tipp-­-Ex® do it again.
In 2010, the Hunter and the Bear proposed you to rewrite the story. This year, Season 2 goes further by giving you the power to rewrite History.
April 12th 2012. The bear and the hunter are celebrating the anniversary of their meeting, while a meteorite suddenly appears and destroys everything on its way! To escape the end of the world, only one solution: use the Tipp-­-Ex® roller tape to remove the year 2012 from the video title and travel in time!


Marketing Director Europe: Alexis Vaganay
Marketing Manager Europe: Nathalie Hoffherr
Senior Product Manager Europe: Evita Panteleon
- Creative Director / CEO : Georges MOHAMMED-­CHERIF
- General Manager: Thomas GRANGER
- Copywriter : Tristan DALTROFF
- Art Director : Louis AUDARD
- Project Managers : Olivier LOPEZ, Marion QUESADA
- TV Producer: Vanessa BARBEL, Elodie POUPEAU
- Digital Production Manager: Laurent MARCUS, Julie BOURGES
- Community Managers: Hubert MUNYAZIKWIYE, Julien SCAGLIONE
- Film Production: les Télécréateurs
- Director : Adrien ARMANET
- Web Production: Les 84

Tnx Julien Scaglione
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