martedì, maggio 15

Biancoshock - "experiences"

"When I first read on the newspapers that drawing dumb robots on walls was the same as being a contemporary Giotto, I fully understood how far Biancoshock fell from being an artist.
And further still, from being a street artist. 
My "experiences" are not showcases to promote my activities, they do not require any description and they are NOT artworks: they are simply opportunities to communicate and provoke reactions from common people. I'm talking about all those who, although with little or any artistic education, still want to be surprised and moved by something that was left on the street for all to see."

Happy dead meal by Fra.Biancoshock & Wantedesign 

Christmas splash by Fra.Biancoshock & Wantedesign 

Fashionvictim by Fra.Biancoshock & Wantedesign 

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