venerdì, giugno 8

Amnesty International - Who's the villain?

Are we really selling weapons to anybody? Let's make sure the Arms Trade Treaty is not meaningless. Sign the petition on before the debates begin in the UN on July 2.

Agency: AIR
Account: Julie De Smedt
CD: Marie-Laure Cliquennois, Grégory Ginterdaele
Copy: Yannick Pringels
AD: Antoine de Bellefroid
TV Producer: Bérengère Lurquin
Production Company: Caviar
Director: Nabil Ben Yadir
Producer: Vanessa Jacob / Audrey Dierckx
Executive Producer: Geert De Wachter
Online development: So Nice
Audio: Sonicville
Actors: La Ligue d'Impro belge, Jean-Claude Dubiez, Xavier Percy, Nicolas Buysse, Jean-Marc Cuvelier
Media: Web
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