martedì, febbraio 19

Amnesty International - Censored Tweet

The yearnings for freedom of expression have been highlighted by the Arab Spring uprisings and by the mobilizations and disputes involving the new information technologies – in 2012, the United Nations started to consider Internet access as a Human Right. But censorship remains a problem in several countries. How to call people’s attention to the subject in this new era of online activism? Amnesty International, in partnership with DM9Rio, launches Censored Tweet
It is a mechanism in which people can tweet black bars of censorship, as if the tweets were being banned in your timeline. At the end of “censored tweet” there will be a non-identified link encouraging followers to click and unravel the action. That will also invite internet users to join the movement by creating their own “censored tweets” automatically. The concept is: “In many countries, this is what happens to those who try to express themselves.” 
The project’s page is available in five different languages ​​and automatically recognizes the country where it is being accessed from.

Advertising Agency: DM9Rio, Brazil
Creatives: Guilherme Cunha, Ana Novis, Konjedic Leonardo, Rafael Ferrer, Rodrigo Dorfman and Igor Quintella.
Creative Director: Álvaro Rodrigues and Diogo Mello
Contact: Ciça Mattos and Márcia Feitosa
Project Manager: Anderson Passos
Producer: Cabana Criação
Approved by: Atila Roque, a Soledad Dominguez and Thais Herdy
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