martedì, marzo 12

#Untamed. A digital photo installation.

#Untamed is the first digital photo exhibition of its kind. An installation filled with your most unusual Instagram photos.

The art of being unique.
Countless Instagram photos are created every second. Photos that reflect particular points of view in the life circumstances of different people. Photos that are shared with the entire world. Millions of momentary snapshots. But which motifs are really unique? Mercedes-Benz and the new CLA are looking for Instagram photos with that uniqueness. That are new. Untamed. Photos that can be anything but one thing: average.

The rule: not following any.
Mercedes-Benz will collate these extraordinary views in #Untamed. A digital photo installation of a special kind. The idea behind this: the #Untamed Score shows how distinctive the style of your photos is compared to those of others. The most outstanding photos will be displayed in a unique installation in Paris and presented to an international public of art lovers.
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