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Samaritans 2013 - Interactive Advertising Campaign.

Samaritans are the confidential, non-judgmental emotional support offered by email, letter, telephone and face-to-face meetings. They recieive about 1 millon calls a year, 1 out of 5 are suicidal calls. There are 18,750 people currently volunteering but more listening volunteers are always needed. Our aim is to make people realize that at Samaritans when you answer a call you can change someone’s life.
This campaign is made of series of interactive adverts. It is placed in a busy tube station near a telephone booth. This telephone has been stopped for purpose of the advert. The public is faced with a shocking situation that Samaritan volunteers have to deal with on a daily bases.

Advertising School: CSM, London, UK
Creatives: Kwan Hee Cho, Gregoire Barau, Inyoung Choi, Angela Arnaout
Source: I Believe in ADV

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