giovedì, giugno 7

Domino's Pizza - Eat hot. #DM

Domino's provides a really fast delivery so that pizza can always be hot when it gets to the customer's door.
We had to ensure that concept on the only point of contact with the client: his home. In general, addressed flyers in brazil tend to be an outdated media with a lot of bad and intrusive advertising. The challenge was to create something that really stuck. Using a door-to-door guerrilla strategy we came up with an original use of media: we placed flyers under each door (half in, half out) in a way that it seemed real oven spatulas delivering pizza inside the house. 

Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Roberto Vilhena
Creative Directors: Gustavo Tirre, Alessandra Sadock
Art Director: Rodrigo Moraes
Copywriter: Frederico Cruz
Photographer: Max Moure / Hamdan
Illustrator: Rodrigo Moraes
Source: AOTW
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