venerdì, maggio 31

Vancouver Aquarium - Shark Fin Tidal Poster

"Our message promoting the Sharks & Rays exhibit was revealed with each and every tide. The floating shark fin would rise and fall, no matter the water level, drawing in curious onlookers and photographers in the high traffic area of Stanley Park. The first photo of the fin sparked a frenzy on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter and several local blogs and newspapers. As the tide receded and the poster was revealed, a second photo was released to the public. In the first week alone, the Shark Fin Tidal Poster garnered nearly 120,000 online impressions."

Advertising Agency: TAXI, Vancouver, Canada
Executive Creative Director: Kevin Barclay
Creative Director / Copywriter: Matt Bielby
Art Director: Tony Hird
Designer: Andrew Passas
Illustrator: Zara Picken
Photographers: Chad Jones, Tony Hird
Account Manager: Amber Foss

Source: I Believe in ADV
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