lunedì, maggio 13

Smart fortwo - It can park anywhere

The brief
Smart wanted to do a tactical action for their main target, who live in city centres. The benefit was clear: in city centres it's difficult to find parking space, so the most intelligent thing you can do is drive a Smart, which you can park anywhere.
However, we had a problem. The same one as always: the budget for the action was really small.

The idea
We did a mailing that was made up of a small cardboard Smart, that was completely three dimensional. Thanks to simple technology (an elastic band), the cardboard automatically folded up to form the car inside the mailbox, so that when it was opened, the recipient found a perfectly parked Smart. 
The message was obvious: "It can park anywhere". 


Advertising Agency: RMG Connect, Madrid, Spain
Creative Directors: Nacho Rojo, Nacho Herranz
Art Director: Nacho Rojo
Copywriter: Nacho Herranz
Producer: Antonio Ortega

Source: I Believe in Adv
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